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Colored asphalt

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CreaPhalt/BusPhalt colored asphalts
CreaPhalt/BusPhalt up to load class 100, water-permeable and waterproof
CreaPhalt/BusPhalt is as hard as concrete and as flexible as asphalt.
For high-stress areas up to load class 100, where ordinary coloured asphalts  and coatings reach their technical limits, we produce coloured layers available  in many colours. Commercially available coloured asphalt, which is prepared with a clear  binding agent, is often unsuitable for high-traffic loads, and experiences  thermal problems.

Features and benefits
  • up to load class 100 – 2 cm thickness, up to load class 3.2 – 1.5 cm thickness
  • asphalt stamping possible (only for 2 cm thickness)
  • no thermal problems even in full sunlight or frost
  • mobile mixing technique
  • no rutting
  • in different colours with colour-matched minerals
  • supplied as a waterproof covering or with draining capability
  • full load capacity after 4 or 24 hours
  • inexpensive in repair in case of roadworks

CreaPhalt thin-layer coloured asphalt has a very high softening point > 150° C

Thin-layer coloured asphalt with an installation thickness  of 1-2 cm

The wear is considerably less than with asphalts with the conventional  „black“ binding material. Even in direct comparison with other colourless  binding materials, CreaPhalt coloured asphalt is much more durable. While for regular mastic asphalt and rolled asphalt the supporting grain  for the load transfer is extremely important, for CreaPhalt and BusPhalt  this is only of minor importance. This allows installation thicknesses of  only 1-2 cm CreaPhalt can be installed seamlessly without expansion joints, and has  no cracks. CreaPhalt is mixed at the installation site and applied in a thickness of  only 1-2 cm on a typically dimensioned base course according to RSto 12. An asphalt mixing facility is not necessary.

Needle penetration
according to DIN EN 1426 is not possible on the hardened binding material or the penetration is 0.3 mm and  thus close to 0. Transferred to classic binding materials  this corresponds to a B3.

The thermal behavior
shows no visual changes at 50° and 70° Celsius. The bulk densities remain the same.

The composite layers
In connection with CreaPhalt Primer
  • 25 KN after 20 h.
  • Ztv Asphalt StB deck / binder > 15 kN

Quality is maintained.

Waterproof or water-permeable
Mix 0-5 mm and 0-8 mm
waterproof despite cavities
Mix 5/8 mm or as drainage asphalt
Water permeability k = 0.52 cm / sec.

Penetration depth of mastic asphalt cubes
TP Asphalt-StB Part 20
Resistance to deformation when heated 0.1 and 0.2 mm,
no increase at 60 ° C over a period of 60 min.

Water sensitivity / Tensile splitting ability
TP Asphalt-StB Part 12 + Part 23
Dry: twice as high as rolled asphalt.
Wet: better, but similar to rolled asphalt same grain size.
Bonding of the individual grains significantly better than  with road construction bitumen.

Freeze-thaw resistance
  • no cracks
  • no splitting

Adhesive tensile ability
Requirements: 0.5 N/mm2
Result: 0.581-0.774 N/mm2

Skid resistance SRT value
SRT value for all mixtures > 60

Rutting test
CreaPhalt 0-5 mm = 2.1mm
CreaPhalt 0-8 mm = 0.3 mm

Autobahn stone mastic
SMA 0-11S > 3.5 mm
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