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Colour samples

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Colored asphalt samples

Colored asphalt samples

We are able to create many different colors with a special coloring system.

- CreaPhalt nature
or/and a pigmentation
- CreaPhalt pigmented

NOTE: Colors displayed are photos taken of the actual product.  Color tones will vary depending on natural light and surface texture.
cities, communities or engeneering offices are welcome to get some samples in size DIN A 4 free of charge.

colored asphalt cut from blue glass
Colored asphalt, glass sand mixture in gray tones
 ground sand-glass asphalt
colored asphalt from glass in the color orange
colored gray asphalt embossed
colored gray asphalt stamped
colored grey asphalt
colored grey asphalt
orange asphalt
deep organge asphalt
colored asphalt traffic orange
colored asphalt orange
asphalt medium grey
Asphalt beige
Asphalt sandy beige
light beige asphalt
Anthracite asphalt
Asphalt traffic red
Asphalt signal red
colored asphalt black blue ground terrazzo
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