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CreaStone surfacing system

Optics water-bound surface layer
CreaStone surfacing system consists of a specially formulated thermo-set two-part binder which is topped with a natural or pigmented granite or natural bauxite stone aggregate.

CreaStone increases surface friction and reduces skidding and braking distances in wet and dry conditions.

CreaStone can be applied to both new and old concrete and asphalt surfaces. CreaStone is designed for moderate to medium urban traffic  
volumes. It will not deteriorate due to oil, gasoline, water and salt or  
pavement oil content.

Typical applications for CreaStone
  • Bicycle lanes
  • Exit and entrance ramps
  • Safety zones, schools and hospitals
  • Sharp corners and dangerous curves
  • Driveways and walkways
  • Pedestrian Cross Walks

  • CreaStone can be applied onto existing asphalt and concrete... or on newly placed, cured surfaces.

    Features and Benefits

  • Apply onto both asphalt and concrete
  • Solid stone or with a pattern
  • Fast installation, little project downtime
  • Handles northern climate freeze thaw cycles
  • Tested and meets DOT friction requirements
  • Easily repaired, invisible seams
  • Deicing salt resistant
  • UV stable stone, maintain color for years
  • Natural marble, and granite stone chips available
  • Simple to complex patterns
  • Attention field from asphalt facing with pattern
    Optics water-bound cover on asphalt surface layer
    Pavement Solutions
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