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Street games

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Thermoplast street games

Hot air burner asphalt

Turbo Torch

Asphalt hot air torch reduces the risk of damage to the thermoplastic.

Street games onlaid thermoplastic

Street games made of thermoplastic and perfect for schoolyard design.

They are durable, break up schoolyards and give children opportunities to play and learn.
Schoolyard game darts for schoolyard design
Schoolyard design street game
Playground street game
Size Ø 4000 mm

Ludo game
Size 3970 x 3970 mm
letters fom a-z
Size 26 squares 300 x 300 mm

Schoolyard design feet
Schoolyard design spelling dragon
Schoolyard Design Calculating Caterpillar
Sale: 5 pairs in same color
Size 300 x 150 mm
Spelling Dragon
letters from a-z
Size 5635 x 1730 mm
calculating inchworm
Numbers from 1 - 20
Size 1742 x 5100 mm
Schoolyard design compass
Schoolyard design spiral as a bouncing game
Schoolyard design bouncy game
Size Ø 3000 mm
numbers from 1 - 10
Size 1715 x 2230 mm
Hopscotch «Heaven and hell»
with three legs
Size 3129 x 3613 mm
Schoolyard design numbers 0-99
Schoolyard design chess
Schoolyard design clock
Number field
Numbers from 0 - 99
Size 3000 x 3000 mm

Size Ø 2000 mm
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