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Company history

For over 20 years, we have provided excellent products and support to customers around europe as an exclusive partner of Pattern Paving Products. You can count on us for high-quality, competitively priced products and quick delivery.  Our commitment to customers continues as we work to develop new and better decorative paving solutions. To improve the urban climate we have developed a road structure that works like a field and reduces urban heat.

KlimaPhalt to reduce urban heat islands.
CreaBond asphalt color blue, yellow, green
Colored asphalt for high shear forces
Colored asphalt with embossing
Bitu terrazzo with floral pattern
cool city

Designing with asphalt - History

1995: Marketing of the products StreetPrint and StreetBond in Germany. Foundation of the company A+L Handels-GmbH for the European market.

1996: Development of the technique to stamp mastic asphalt.

1998: Development of the jointless repair of asphalt pavements with the C.A.R. technique.

1999: Patent application process for chipping mastic asphalt: to prevent "nests" from forming, the mastic asphalt is blown off and rolled.

2000: Patent application: Process for the production of filler asphalt.

2005: Development of colored asphalts called StreetPhalt, after purchased colored asphalts available on the market proved not to be durable under heavy traffic conditions.

2006: Start of marketing of patterned and non-patterned asphalt facing called A.R.T.-Stone and CreaStone.

2008: Pattern Paving Concepts supplies a completely new binder for the production of highly durable surface courses.

2011: In combination with our experience in asphalt mixing technology and in cooperation with the company BauControl in Bingen, it is now possible for the first time to mix highly stable colored asphalts up to construction class SV in small and large quantities. After three years of development work and extensive laboratory work, the product CreaPhalt will be released for marketing in 2012. It is by far the best surface course we know.

2012: Development of completely new mixing techniques (mix in place) to prevent unnecessary transport routes in the production of colored asphalts. Development of lighted paving wearing courses, proper contract expiration of IPC products and taking over the European representation of Pattern Paving Products surfacing solutions.

2013: development of snow-white asphalt and embossing of floor indicators for guidance systems for the blind. Development and marketing of colored grout. Development of concrete repair systems.

2014: Development of the BusPhalt surface course with and without asphalt embossing technology. The application is mainly for bus stops and extremely resilient colored asphalt surfaces, especially for combined bus-tram traffic.

2019: Development of KlimaPhalt. KlimaPhalt is a road structure like a field also able to used as a paved surface at the same time. KlimaPhalt has a solar reflective top layer.

2020: Development of KlimaBond. KlimaBond ROOF and KlimaBond ROAD are solar reflective coatings to reduces interior temperatures and reduces urban heat islands.

Pavement Solutions
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